Vietnamese Hair Factory: Top 3 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors

You’re among choices: Vietnamese hair factory, Chinese hair factory, or Indian hair factory,… And Vietnam is proud of being one of the biggest potential markets in the world for manufacturing raw human hair extensions. If you are planning to get your hands on Vietnamese hair extensions or wigs, we have curated the top 3 best wholesale hair vendors in Vietnam that you will find helpful.….

Why did Vietnamese hair factories become the best choice?

People in the fashion and beauty industry recently prefer to outsource Vietnamese hair extensions and wigs. The Vietnamese hair market has become the favorite hair vendor among other wholesale hair sellers in the world. The following reasons will answer this reality that makes Vietnamese hair factory be the best human hair source.

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Vietnamese Hair Factory Become The Best Choice

1.1. Reliable source of raw Vietnamese human hair

Raw Vietnamese hair is taken from healthy Vietnamese hair donors. Vietnamese human hair is collected from young Vietnamese women ages 18 to 25. Most of them are villagers from high mountains where the climate is nice and people eat clean. The healthy nature of Vietnamese hair is because of being taken care of naturally without chemical treatment to protect ethical identity tradition.

1.2. Proficient workers – Best products

The special thing about Vietnamese hair factories is that humans are involved in 90% of the stages of manufacturing perfect hair products. Vietnamese hair factory vendors don’t produce in industrial-scale production like China hair factories but on household-scale.

Hence, hair is made meticulously by the skillful hands of Vietnamese professional workers and double-checked many times to ensure the most perfect quality.

1.3. Reasonable price

In fact, raw Vietnamese hair extension prices are not the cheapest ones when compared to other competitors but the most reasonable ones! If you look for cheap hair, you can get a low-quality product. But If you’re looking for good quality hair at a reasonable price, the Vietnamese Hair Extension price from the Vietnamese hair factory meets your demand.

2.  Vietnamese hair factories stand out amongst other competitors

As mentioned above, Vietnamese hair factories do not offer the cheapest price in the market but the most reasonable one. Let’s See a comparison between Vietnamese hair factories, Chinese hair factories, and Indian hair factories to make clear why you’d better choose Vietnamese hair vendors with a bit higher price.

2.1. Vietnamese Hair Factory 

Good quality at a reasonable price is to describe Vietnamese hair factory vendors. Vietnamese hair is defined as 100% natural human hair taken directly from Vietnamese women aged 18 to 30 living in the mountain areas of Vietnam.

Women in mountainous areas are not exposed to curling services or harmful chemicals, so they always take care of their hair with 100% natural products, so Vietnamese hair is extremely strong and durable, beautiful, and meets all the needs of customers.

Vietnamese Hair Factory

With proper care, Vietnamese hair can be used for 3-5 years.

2.2. Chinese Hair Factory

The Chinese hair factory is widely known for industrial-scale production and cheap products due to the availability of cheap labor and advancement in the increased use of technology.

Chinese Hair Factory

According to research from reviewers, Chinese hair is quite nice for the first time. It is because Chinese hair vendors aim for different customer segments so that their products are also diversified including both real hair and synthetic hair. Therefore, customers have to research a Chinese supplier carefully to avoid buying low-quality products.

2.3. Indian Hair Factory

The Indian hair factory is famous for its rich hair material resources because of donating hair tradition. Because of India’s economy, the labor and prices of products in India are very very cheap, so as to hair products.

Indian Hair Factory

Also because of food and climate, the nature of Indian hair is quite coarse and its smell is not good. Besides, there are not many advanced technologies for making hair extensions so the price of hair in India is much cheaper compared with the Vietnamese hair factory vendors and China hair factories.

3. Finding a trustworthy hair factory in Vietnam is your first step

There are step-by-step methods to find the best Vietnamese Hair Factory and manufacturers in Vietnam.

3.1. Search for hair distributors on social media, especially on Alibaba

Many people start outsourcing hair on Facebook Groups, and Instagram,…. There are so many Vietnamese hair suppliers there, and that makes it hard to figure out which hair vendor is the best for you.
Ask the salesperson who you chat with on their company’s Alibaba account.

The information on Alibaba has been verified and checked carefully, please choose a human hair supplier with a long operation year, many items, and especially a good star point.

3.2. Connect with a Vietnamese hair supplier on WhatsApp

Almost Vietnamese hair factory vendors use WhatsApp as the main method to sell. It is convenient for sellers and buyers to discuss hair business on WhatsApp. They can make a video call to see the factory and face of the hair vendors as well ( this way to confirm that they are not scammers )

3.3. Ask for a sample order

For the first order, ask for MOQ, the order in small quantities saves you money, and can check quality directly. A good Vietnamese hair supplier will not hesitate to accept small orders, even a bundle! Do some tests on hair like dye it, lighten it, wash it, heat style it.

Pay attention to how well it holds up. Sample orders are a great way to get a sense of the quality. If you’re happy with the sample order, place a larger order (just enough to meet the seller’s minimum) to make sure the sample pieces aren’t a bait and switch.

3.4. Compare many hair distributors to find the best suitable factory for you

After listing some suitable Vietnamese hair factory vendors, it’s time to make a comparison among these vendors and choose which ones are the best.

4. Signs of a fraud hair factory

When the hair industry now is more and more developing, there are many scammers tending to fraud customers that they have a real hair factory but in fact, they don’t. Please be alert! There are many signs showing whether you’re dealing with a fraudulent Vietnamese hair factory. 

4.1. No Website

The website is the place where all important information about a hair factory is shown clearly and transparently. In this 4.0 era, only a scammer is not confident to make use of online platforms for business.

A good Vietnamese hair factory’s website always shows all of their information about hair extension factories, hair extension company names, and products,… If they do not, you have to consider dealing with them.

4.2. No Brand Name & Registered Company Document

Besides the website, a brand name and registered company document are also important things to clarify about a hair factory so you should ask them to show these necessary papers. 

4.3. Not Willing To Video Call With You

With reputable Vietnamese hair suppliers, they won’t be hesitant to do a video call with you because they are not afraid of being reviewed on social media. They even actively contact you to provide the information you require.

4.4. Lack Of Knowledge About Hair

If you want to do a long-term partnership with a Vietnamese hair supplier, just make sure that your hair vendor has enough knowledge and experience in exporting hair and hair because there will be many other problems in the future that 2 parts have to deal with.

If they are not confident in any areas of the hair business, you should go away from these scammers because they may eat your money and don’t send you goods. 

4.5. Urge You To Pay Money

The things scammers care about is money so they always urge customers to pay money as soon as possible. Be alert if you see this sign from your hair vendor. You can just check whether the bank account is reliable or not. Please never send the money when you have no idea about the factory! Shootout to PayPal for helping small business owners make confident transactions! PayPal offers better security by protecting your credit card information. 

5. Top 3 Best Reviewed Hair Factories in Vietnam

Here is the list of the 3 best wholesale Vietnamese Hair Factories in Vietnam based on high quality, good reviews, and reasonable price.

5.1. PONI HAIR – The Most Trustworthy Wholesale Vietnamese Hair Factory

PONI HAIR is the top#1 wholesale hair factory vendor in the hair industry in Vietnam. It owns the 2 biggest Vietnamese hair factories in Bac Ninh and Nam Dinh Provinces, Vietnam.  

PONI HAIR is now the partner of more than 300 hair sellers, dealers, and salons all over the world. Their hair materials are 100% Vietnamese virgin human hair and Remy human hair, with no synthetic hair at all. The prestige of PONI HAIR has spread to more than 100 countries.

PONI HAIR is proud to satisfy the most difficult customers from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia. Many loyal customers of Milan Hair are from Nigeria, Ghana, the USA, the UK, South Africa, etc.

PONI HAIR supplies a variety of typical hair extensions that global hair sellers in the world are looking for:

  • Bulk hair extensions
  • Machine weft hair extensions
  • Closure and Frontals
  • Tip hair extensions
  • Tape in hair extensions
  • Other hair extensions: clip–in hair extensions, ponytail, keratin tip,…

As mentioned above, they own the 2 biggest hair factories. Taking advantage of advanced technologies and skillful hair workers, PONI HAIR is confident to provide the best human hair textures such as best seller bone straight, kinky straights, yaki straight, body waves, deep waves, pixie curly, kinky curly,….

They are also strong in making colors for hair: piano, #1b99j, #613, #60
You can have more options by taking a look at their human hair extension categories.

As a reputation hair factory, MILAN HAIR built its reputation very well on social media, for example, AlibabaFacebookInstagram,… You will totally feel secure when working with this top #1 wholesale hair factory brand – PONI HAIR.

5.2. GOLDENHAIR – A Good Reviewed Vietnamese Hair Factory

Vietnamese Super double-drawn hair is the favorite thickness of the African market because of its fullness and silkiness.

Wholesale deals with the lowest price!

Unique colors will never let us out of date 🌟
1️⃣ No tangle – No synthetic
2️⃣ Various textures and colors
💐 Whatsapp: +84373423733
🎉 Instagram: @goldenhair_vietnam/

5.3. MIC HAIR – A Famous Vietnamese Hair Factory

MIC HAIR has over 5 years of experience in both manufacturers of hair extensions and distribution of the same. They’re strong in weft hair extensions and mainly aim at the African market. Because it has remained so since its beginning it has made its promise to customers and itself.

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6. PONI HAIR – 5 Reasons To Be Your Best Vietnamese Hair Factory Vendor 

PONI HAIR is one of the leading companies in the hair industry in Vietnam. Our factory with advanced technology and a lot of skilled craftsmen to market the best products. We can make any type and color depending on the customer’s demand. We are committed to marketing only the best products for you. Your satisfaction is our pride.

The 5 reasons below are what you’re really looking for when you decide to choose your best vendor:

Over 10 – years of experience in the hair industry

PONI HAIR is a brand of Gia Pham XNK Company Limited, which has over 10 years of experience in the hair business. PONI HAIR supplies a wide range of products with outstanding quality in the world market that meets international standards. We offer a wide range of virgin hair products including total unprocessed.

Offer the best factory price

Because PONI HAIR is a direct wholesale hair factory, not a commercial company, that is why PONI HAIR is the best in the hair market and can give you a VERY GOOD WHOLESALE DIRECT PRICE.

Support shipping policy

PONI HAIR always chooses the most reliable delivery agents in the world to ship door-to-door to customers. We Use giant delivery companies like UPS/DHL/FedEx and some other popular agents like Gabriel Cargo, and Michael Cargo to ship the hair to customers in Nigeria, and Zambia,….

Insurance policy

With wholesale hair sellers who want to import hair from foreign countries, the most important thing they consider is Insurance Quality Policy. And PONI HAIR  is the only hair factory in Vietnam that offers a 3-years guarantee for customers to assure quality for them.

Transparent information on social media

If you want full information about PONI HAIR and to understand how PONI HAIR works as well, these sites are needed!

Fanpage: Poni Hair – #1 Vietnam Hair Factory

Instagram: @poni_hairvietnam

To get full research about PONI HAIR factory, you can read more reviews on PONI HAIR website. 

7. Easy To Succeed In Selling Raw Vietnamese Human Hair 

The hair business is one of the most popular industries today, especially in the African, American, and Asian markets. Therefore, there are many reasons that the hair business is always an attractive topic for traders, because of the large demand and supply…